Transitional HousingTransitional Housing Projects

Summary of Projects Completed Projects (Existing Residential Buildings) Completed Projects (Conversion of Non-Residential Buildings) Completed Projects (Newly-built projects) Projects under the Pilot Scheme: Use of Hotels and Guesthouses as Transitional Housing Projects under Construction Projects with Advance Work Activated Projects under In-depth Study

Summary of Transitional Housing Projects (as at 20 February 2024)

The "Funding Scheme to Support Transitional Housing Projects by Non-government Organisations" was set up in June 2020, with the funding amount increased to currently $11.6 billion following two rounds of funding injection. The subsidised projects are being completed in succession.

  No. of Units
Projects Have Been Put into Service (See note ∆) 12,163
Projects with Funding Approved (See note~) 8,937
Sub-total 1 21,100
Completion / Estimated Completion Dates 2021 and earlier 1,770
2022 5,191
2023 2,395
2024 10,511
2025 1,233
Projects with Advance Work Activated and Pending Funding Approval
(See note~)
Projects under In-depth Study 0
Sub-total 2 0
Grand Total (Sub-total 1+ Sub-total 2) 21,100

*Note ∆: "Projects Have Been Put into Service" include "Completed Projects (Projects in Existing Residential Buildings)", "Completed Projects (Conversion of Non-residential Buildings)", "Completed Projects (Newly-built Projects)" and "Projects under the Pilot Scheme: Use of Hotels and Guesthouses as Transitional Housing"

*Note ~: Funded projects under "Projects with Advance Work Activated" and "Projects under Construction" are included in "Projects with Funding Approved". The remaining projects are included in "Projects with Advance Work Activated and Pending Funding Approval"

1. The operating organisation may from time to time update or change the information of the project, including the eligibility criteria for application, rent level and related services. For latest information of the project, please visit the project website or contact the operating organisation.

2. All map coordinates are indicative only and do not reflect the exact locations.