Task Force on Transitional Housing

As one of the six new housing initiatives announced by the Chief Executive on 29 June 2018, a task force on transitional housing (Task Force) has been established under the then Transport and Housing Bureau (THB)1 to actively assist and facilitate various short-term initiatives proposed and implemented by the community with a view to increasing the supply of transitional housing.

The Task Force has assisted and facilitated a number of transitional housing projects proposed and operated by NGOs, including social housing in privately owned vacant residential buildings and vacant government premises, other initiatives by different NGOs including proposals of using “Modular Integrated Construction” method to construct transitional housing on vacant government lands and privately owned lands, or converting vacant non-residential buildings (such as privately owned vacant school premises or industrial buildings) to transitional housing.

Note 1: The Transport and Housing Bureau (THB) was split into two policy bureaux, namely the Transport and Logistics Bureau (TLB) and the Housing Bureau (HB) with effect from 1 July 2022.