Transitional Housing Accepting Tenant Applications

Transitional Housing Projects Currently Accepting Tenant Applications

The information below is provided by the operating NGOs. The total number of units is for reference only. Please contact the respective NGO to ascertain the latest number of available units of each project.

Download Application Form for Transitional Housing PDF Version

“Application Status Enquiry” is only applicable to the applications processed by the "TH-E" platform of transitional housing. For enquiry, please call 3611 8156.

(The application form applies to projects funded by Funding Scheme to Support Transitional Housing Projects by Non-government Organisations ONLY)

Transitional Housing “TH-E” Application Workflow PDF Version

Open Video: "TH-E"-Central & Unified Platform for Transitional Housing Usage Instruction

Frequently Asked Questions

Project code Project Name and Address
[see Note 1]
Operating Organisation Total No. of Units Application Period for Tenants Application Status Project Details
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Contact Information
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  1. Including projects in existing residential buildings, conversion of non-residential buildings and newly-built projects.
  2. The operating organisation may from time to time update or change the information of the project, including the eligibility criteria for application, rent level and related services. For latest information of the project, please visit the project website or contact the operating organisation.