Planning and Engineering Study for the Public Housing Development and Yuen Long Industrial Estate Extension at Wang Chau


In July 2012, the Government and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation jointly entrusted the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) to commission a Planning and Engineering Study (“the Study”) on the feasibility of the Wang Chau public housing development (“WCPHD”) and Yuen Long Industrial Estate Extension (“YLIEE”). The Study covered various aspects, including planning, engineering and environmental issues, and the implementation proposal and plan.

2. It was assumed at the beginning of the Study that the WCPHD and YLIEE would be implemented together. The main purpose of the Study was to ensure there would be no insurmountable engineering or environmental factors on the development plan. This is important as some of the technical assessments of the Study would be used to support the Town Planning Board (TPB) rezoning application.

3. To align with the Government’s decision to take forward Wang Chau Phase 1 first in early 2014, the content of the Study had to be adjusted to suit. The Study had to include additional technical assessments required for Wang Chau Phase 1 rezoning application. HA had therefore instructed the consultants to extract and update relevant information from the Study, thereby producing an additional 5 technical assessments and 2 technical notes. On the other hand, because of the Government’s decision not to implement the WCPHD Phase 1 with WCPHD Phases 2 & 3 and YLIEE together, the Study had not gone further on related issues such as the public consultations and environmental impact assessment required for the WCPHD and YLIEE together.

4. The various assessments of the Study were completed in different stages, and the last one was endorsed by concerned department in May 2015. The entire Study was completed in September 2015.

5. The main purpose of the Study was to assess the technical feasibility of the project. As such, the Study would not focus on local’s views, Government’s related policies, the progress of the review of re-provisioning policy of Brown Field etc. However, the Government would consider various information and data when making a decision on the programme and implementation of the project. In addition, the information may not have reflected the latest situation as the Study was conducted from 2012 to 2015.

Principles for Redaction of the Study

6. As we have always pointed out, it is not appropriate to disclose some parts of the Study. Government departments have recently reviewed the Study report and have redacted a few parts, basing on the following principles :

(a) Third party information;
(b) Financial/cost information;
(c) Privacy of the individual;
(d) Land sensitive information; and
(e) Grave details.

Transport and Housing Bureau
18 October 2016

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