Welcome Message

Ms Winnie Ho, JPMs Winnie Ho, JP

Welcome to the homepage of the Housing Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Providing a living environment where people enjoy and thrive is a vision shared by all. It is also the primary task of the Housing Bureau. To this end, we formulate suitable housing policies and deliberate different measures to address the housing problem.

Housing is the greatest concern among all key issues and must be addressed without delay. We are committed to expediting housing supply and solving the housing problems at root through different means, making greater use of new technologies and construction methods as well as innovative thinking. 

Changing the living environment of the inadequately housed alters the fate of a family. Our team in the Housing Bureau strives to expedite and increase supply and enhance the quality of facilities for creating an ideal living environment and improving people’s quality of life.

We strive to build more public rental housing (PRH) units and to ensure rational use of PRH resources to assist low income households which cannot afford private rental accommodation. We also seek to provide more subsidised sale flats and enhance the market circulation of such flats, in response to the aspiration of low and middle income families to buy their own homes while providing a better home ownership ladder.

On private residential property market front, we closely monitor its development and implement demand-side management measures when necessary to ensure a stable development of the residential property market.  We also continue to enhance the transparency of the sales arrangements and transactions of first-hand residential properties.

We collaborate closely and take immediate steps with other policy bureaux and departments to increase land supply for both public and private housing, and optimise utilisation of land and housing resources.

This homepage provides information about the work of the Housing Bureau, including our organisation, policy objectives and latest news on our activities. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Ms Winnie Ho, JP
Secretary for Housing